Nippo Chronicle

Jan. 31, 2007    Rifeng was established .
Nov. 2, 2010     The first batch of production in line with national quality            
standards of magnesium chloride granule product was finished .
April, 2011        Our products was awarded the CIQ by Chinese Entry-Exit    Inspection and Quarantine bureau, and get the qualification as a food grade to sell abroad.
April 2011         Began to carry out ISO22000-2005 standard .
May 2011         The company organized staff members to participate in       Jiangsu export food production enterprise quality management personnel qualification examination ,  a comprehensive study of the GMP, SSOP, HACCP norms . 15 staffs had obtained a qualification certificate , CCIB awarded Rifeng the exellent enterprise with largest quantity of Certificates. 
Jul.12, 2011     The company products won the national industrial products production license (QS) and got the qualification to sale domestics as food-grade. 
2011                 Emulsified magnesium was developed.
Jan. 2012         Passed the audit of ISO22000-2005 organized by CQC. 
Feb. 2012        Our products was tested to meet FCC.
Feb. 2012        Our products obtained the Certificate B of China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine bureau food additive classification management ( 70% of export volume get exemption from inspection)
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